Thursday, June 21, 2012

28 Days

Today marks 28 days of temps. over 100 degrees. When you are working in a room that has been 'improperly' insulated and the afternoon sun hits the wall,  you wonder...."what were they thinking?" We think the room was a later add on, done on the cheap.

We recently had an upgrade from single pane, 34 year old windows, to nice dual panes. I'm still waiting for the guys to come finish the trims. Can't put up any window dressings until then, however there are the funky roll down honeycomb shades. 

Yesterday I worked like a deranged woman, completing 2 quilt tops. They are listed in the photos under 'Dot's Beach Umbrellas' and 'Cindy's Stars'

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  1. Dear Kathy,
    Congratulations on your new blog! I enjoyed reading and as you can see I signed up to join. (i think I'm the first one..but I know others will join soon.)
    I must say, Az. sure is the opposite of the rocky Maine coast. I do love it here, despite lots of fog and sometime "unusual" weather. lol
    I guess all these years, I never realized you did long arm quilting. hmm.
    I was aware of your love of dogs. Love all your photos. You have a lovely family.
    Best wishes with your blog.